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[Podcast] How-To: Building an International, Dynamic Fraud Team

As many of you know, building a trust & safety team isn’t easy. Our trust & safety expert Kevin Lee has helped walk us through it in the past, but there’s always more to learn! What if your team spans continents? What if you’re building from scratch? What if you’re dealing with a type of fraud […]

Introducing mobile locations for better fraud fighting

More and more users are turning to mobile to make purchases, interact with online communities, and browse the web — and fraudsters are following suit. We launched our iOS and Android SDKs over the last year to help our customers fight mobile fraud. Customers who have integrated the SDKs have already seen many mobile-specific signals […]

Celebrating Digital Trust With Our Customers

Last week, we unveiled the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, a holistic way for online businesses to maximize their revenue while protecting themselves and their users from abuse. As part of this launch, we wanted to celebrate those who inspired and contributed to our journey as a digital trust company: our customers. During the day, we hosted […]

Meet Sophie: the Scholar of Solutions Engineering

This post is part of a weekly series in which we get to know Sifties. Sophie Saouma is a Solutions Engineer who has been with Sift Science for five months. If she could time travel anywhere, it would be the future, because she wants to see what advancements the world has made. What’s one thing […]

Introducing the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform

Today, we’re excited to unveil the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, a holistic way for online businesses to maximize their revenue with legitimate users while protecting both themselves and their customers from the ever-expanding attack vectors of fraud and abuse. Protecting digital businesses while enabling growth It’s never been more vital for online businesses to […]

[Podcast] Rethinking Chargebacks

Chargebacks are a common problem — so common, in fact, that you may think there’s nothing new to say about them. But Denise Aptekar, senior director of global payments at Upwork, has reconceptualized friendly fraud in a way that just might change the way you see chargebacks. How should fraud and risk teams approach this […]

The 5 Worst Data Breaches of All Time

Data breaches have become the new normal. We’ve all heard about Equifax, but what about Sonic? Whole Foods? Pizza Hut? In a world where not even the fast food industry is immune, it’s hard to keep track of the victims, let alone predict who might be next. But hey, it could always be worse, right? […]

Meet Erin: the Rock of Recruiting

This post is part of a weekly series in which we get to know Sifties. Erin Slepitza is a Recruiting Coordinator who has been with Sift Science for seven months. If she could be any animal, it would be an elephant because they have excellent memories and so does she. She never forgets anything. Ever. […]

[Podcast] The Great Holiday Fraud Prevention Roundtable

For fraud fighters, the winter holiday stress isn’t limited to buying gifts and entertaining in-laws. Last year, ecommerce fraud spiked by over 30% during the holidays, and it’s projected to get even worse this year. In this episode, we sit down with fraud fighters from Patreon, Wanelo, and Sift Science to get some life-saving tips […]