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5 Ways Fraud Hasn’t Changed Since the 19th Century

Spam, phishing, endless email chains… Sometimes we wish we lived in simpler times, when we didn’t have to worry about fraudsters sneaking into our inboxes or lurking in our DMs. But the fraud we see on the internet is actually much older than the internet itself. In fact, fraud hasn’t changed all that much since […]

Learnings from the MRC Conference in Fabulous Las Vegas

Vegas is the entertainment mecca of the world … and for a few days last week it also became the anti-fraud mecca of the world. The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) held their annual conference March 13-16 – and it was big. It’s the largest global e-commerce event focused on payments, fraud, cybersecurity, and risk for companies […]

Meet Sherif: the Savior of Support

This post is part of a weekly series in which we get to know Sifties. Sherif Elzarka is a Support Engineer who has been with Sift Science for four months. During the week you can find him answering tickets sent into our support center, and on the weekends he’ll either be exploring the great outdoors or […]

Meet Raman: the Connoisseur of Communications

This post is part of a weekly series in which we get to know Sifties. Raman Deol, our Communications Manager, has been with Sift Science for three months. When she’s not busy handling our media and public relations, you can either find her at Bar Crudo enjoying their raw bar happy hour or eating some […]

Balancing Value & Complexity: Q&A on the Internet of Things with Don Pancoe

When you think “revolutionary,” an air conditioner is probably not the first thing that comes to mind – but Noria is just that. As part of the growing trend of IoT (internet of things) home devices, Noria has to balance consumer safety with convenience. Noria features innovative controls and an app for Android or iOS. […]

Learnings from the latest Bay Area Fraud Fighters Forum

Last week, we had the first Fraud Fighters Forum meetup of the year. WePay hosted the night, and we had RSVPs from 55 fraud analysts and risk professionals, across a diverse set of industries – including e-commerce, rental marketplaces, social networks, software, travel, and gaming. Attendees brought with them tales of the unique but often overlapping challenges of […]

Meet Lynda: the Rockstar of Recruiting

This post is part of a weekly series in which we get to know Sifties. Lynda Phan is a recruiter (and one of the first members of the Recruiting team!) who has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and Green Tea Kit Kats. She’s been with Sift Science for two and a half years and […]

3 Legal Loopholes That Let Scammers Get Away with Fraud

Technology is changing faster than the law can keep up, and the internet hasn’t made catching criminals any easier. Federal law defines computer fraud as “the use of a computer to create a dishonest misrepresentation of fact as an attempt to [cause] loss.” And for the most part, scammers who carry out their schemes on […]