[Podcast] Are We Discouraging Fraudsters, or Encouraging Them? Interview with an FBI Most Wanted Hacker

Remember Brett Johnson? He’s the former FBI Most Wanted Hacker who the Secret Service called “the original Internet godfather.” Now, he’s a sought-after security consultant who delivered a keynote address at the last CNP conference. On our previous episode of Trust & Safety in Numbers, we sat down with Brett Johnson to talk about his […]

Amazon 1-Click patent expiring: Make the most of this opportunity

$136 billion in sales. 304 million active customers. Sounds pretty good, huh? Amazon produces jaw-dropping results that any business would kill for. And the retailer’s patented 1-Click payment system – which enables shoppers to buy something with a single click, using stored payment and shipping information – is one of the key competitive advantages that […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Blocking Good Customers

Businesses have come to expect some collateral damage in their never-ending battle against fraud. After all, it’s impossible to block fraudsters without accidentally blocking a few good customers, right? And false positives certainly seem better than a runaway fraud problem. But blocking good customers may hit your bottom line harder than you’d think…and in ways […]

[Podcast] Pirate and a Good Man: Interview with an FBI Most Wanted Hacker

There’s a reason the Secret Service calls Brett Johnson the “original internet godfather.” This former hacker created the template for dark web marketplaces, escaped from prison twice, landed on the FBI Most Wanted list, and has lived to tell the tale. Now, he’s a sought-after security consultant. But the journey from hacker to CNP keynote […]

[Infographic] Hot Routes of Travel Fraud

There’s no navigating around it: the travel industry is a frequent target of fraud. Spanish travel agency Destinia makes sure fraud doesn’t get in the way of running their business and delivering an awesome experience to their good customers. They use machine learning to monitor and stop high-risk purchases, grounding travel fraud before it takes […]

How Sift Science Helps On-Demand Businesses Grow

On-demand businesses are growing, attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending.  But as they grow, they face a number of unique challenges and a myriad of fraud problems. Sift Science has had a lot of success with on-demand companies, and new features we’ve introduced over the last year make it […]

[Podcast] How-To: Building a Trust & Safety Team Pt 2

Check out part 2 of our “Building a Trust & Safety Team” podcast! (You can listen to part 1 here.) So, you’ve decided you need a trust & safety team. What’s the next step? Getting buy-in. But that’s easier said than done. When it comes time for you to assemble your team, how do you […]

Using Your Fraud Tool to Fight Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

Friendly fraud chargebacks – when legitimate transactions are disputed by the cardholder – are among the biggest pain points for online businesses. However, friendly fraud chargebacks are easier to win than most companies realize! And one of the best resources to help recover funds from these chargebacks is by using data provided by your fraud […]

How-To: Building a Trust & Safety Team – A New Podcast Episode

Building a fraud fighting team is enough to make any business owner, C-level executive, or fraud analyst break out in a cold sweat. It’s also one of the most important steps a business can take to reduce risk. Your trust and safety team protects your bottom line by reducing fraud and retaining loyal customers. In […]