Chipotle suffers a massive data breach

It’s a sad week for burrito affectionados. A blog post last week revealed the extent of a massive data breach that hit Chipotle in April. How massive? Spokesman Chris Arnold said that “most, but not all restaurants” were impacted. Hackers were able to capture information stored on credit cards’ magnetic strips – “track data,” as it’s called – by infecting cash registers with malware. Track data can include the cardholder’s name, the card number, and the card’s verification code.

Wondering whether your burrito bowl was served with a side of identity fraud? Check out Chipotle’s website to see the affected locations.

We may have been wrong about EMV chips

EMV chip cards have been widely adopted to protect transactions at the point of sale. Indeed, EMV tech has helped retailers dramatically reduce point-of-sale credit card fraud. But according to many analysts, the unexpected downside has been a sharp increase in e-commerce fraud; the prevailing logic has been that fraudsters who now find it hard to commit credit card fraud in stores are restoring to “easier” schemes.

But new data suggest that analysts might’ve gotten it wrong. Although e-commerce fraud is on the rise, this climb started before the widespread adoption of EMV chips. In fact, the e-commerce fraud spike may have less to do with chip cards and more to do with overall e-commerce growth. So, as much as you might want another reason to be annoyed with chip cards – ”Does it go in this way?” “Does that beep mean that it worked?” – you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Need a job? The DNC seeks a CTO

You might want to dust off that resume. Following last year’s devastating and unprecedented data breach, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is brainstorming ways to safeguard information from hackers. As part of a broader strategic initiative, the DNC is looking to hire a Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The CTO will oversee “all technical aspects of the DNC,” including “establishing modern practices for IT security monitoring.” Interested in applying? Head over to the job posting.

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