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How Dwolla Blocks Fraudsters From Cashing Out

In the world of online payments and bank transfers, timeliness is more than just a nice-to-have. Real-time transactions and cross-country connections mean money is moving at the speed of modern commerce, and that waits for no manual review. Online payments network Dwolla works to enable its users to more quickly and frictionlessly make bank transfers. […]

News roundup 6/17: Apple Pay aims for browsers, beware of fake CEO emails, & more

Apple Pay coming to browsers (well…to Safari, at least) A completely Apple-centric shopping experience could soon be yours – regardless of whether you’re on your phone or desktop computer – according to news from the recent World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco. Imagine this: you’re on your MacBook, doing a little shopping in the Safari […]

How an Interactive Agency Helps Clients Fight Fraud

E-commerce businesses rely on digital agencies to handle many different responsibilities – from developing a mobile app to creating a brand strategy. But when an agency is a true partner, they will also go out of their way to find the right vendors and tools to help their clients solve tough problems. Like finding the right fraud solution for stopping a formidable chargeback problem before it can do […]

Your New Home Base for Help Within the Sift Science Console

Have you ever wondered what the “Billing Name Keyboard Spread” signal means, or what actually happens when you label a user? Well, we recently introduced a new Help Tab in the Sift Science console to help you answer those questions and more! Think of it as your new home base for support content within the […]

Not All Machine Learning Systems Are Created Equal

The fact that machine learning is an extremely useful weapon in your fraud-prevention arsenal now seems indisputable. However, comparing different vendors and their unique features and approaches – and deciding which one is best for your company’s unique needs – may still be a bit of a head-scratcher. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of price, or reputation, or […]

Ask More From Your Fraud Vendor: Learnings From the Road

If you’ve ever been to an industry conference, you’ll know how intense the experience can be: meeting new people, hearing from experts and customers alike, challenging assumptions, feeling inspired by new ideas. Over the last several weeks, I’ve attended three conferences on behalf of Sift Science: the first-ever ShopTalk in Las Vegas, which included a great list of […]

Concurrency and At Least Once Semantics with the New Kafka Consumer

This post is the first in a series that describes our experience in adopting Apache Kafka. Here at Sift Science, we have introduced Kafka as the messaging layer between our distributed services. In particular, we treat Kafka topics as message queues, which source services produce to and target services consume from. For example, if we […]

Identity, Trust, and the Evolution of Who We Are Online

We were excited to see Sift Science’s name this week as part of the “Digital Identity Top 10,” an ongoing scorecard created by and Socure, a digital identity verification company. We were ranked No. 8 alongside a broad range of companies that all do some form of fraud detection or mitigation. Digital Identity Top […]

How Fraud Happens: The Eastern European Fraudsters Who Tricked Even the FBI

While the impacts of cybercrime are huge — breaches cost affected companies upwards of $15 million per incident — it can often feel like a nameless, faceless crime. As Bill covered in his post on the future of cybercrime, criminals are constantly innovating new ways to carry out fraud. Who are the people who steal […]