Data says: Fraudsters don’t say thanks

Part of the magic of using machine learning to detect fraud is how the technology can reveal unexpected patterns in what may at first appear to be completely unconnected data points.

At Sift Science, our machine learning technology identifies fraudsters and scammers so our customers can focus on creating an even better experience for their good users. We look at a vast array of signals to do what we do – we’re talking thousands of individual data points, some of which may (on the surface, at least) sound pretty unrelated to fraud.

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How Customers Really Feel About Your Fraud-Prevention Measures

The fear of fraud makes perfectly customer-friendly companies do not-quite-so-customer-friendly things. Like adding unnecessary friction to the buying experience. Captcha. Verified by Visa. 3D Secure. Security questions. Customers may understand – at a high level – why a business would make someone jump through these hoops, but that doesn’t mean they like it. Battling fraud barriers can bring up unpleasant feelings.

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The 2015 Wrap-Up

In mere hours, it’ll be 2016 – on the other side of the world, the future is already upon us! Are you ready for the new year? It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up 2014, but you know how the saying goes: time flies when you’re fighting fraud. That is how the saying goes...right?  

In short, it’s been a whirlwind of a year at Sift Science. To help you keep up with all the action, I’ve got a run-down on all of the updates, growth, new offerings, and awesome new faces that Sift Science shared this year. Here goes...

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