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How to Proactively Reduce Friendly Fraud

No online business wants chargebacks, but so-called “friendly fraud” chargebacks can be particularly frustrating. Fraud as a result of stolen financials is definitely harmful, but at least you can employ models and rules to detect and prevent that behavior. With friendly fraud, on the other hand, you’re dealing with legitimate customers who – for one […]

10 Things You Need to Know About Digital Wallets

The last decade has seen a tremendous shift in how we buy and sell goods, both online and in the “real world.”  As our wallets get thicker and credit card scammers get smarter, people are turning to a sleeker, potentially safer alternative to cash and cards: digital wallets. But do they actually pose less of […]

Holiday Hangover Blues? A Beginner’s Guide to Fighting Chargebacks

Congrats! You’ve successfully weathered your way through the holiday season. It was hard, but you launched a great marketing campaign, had strong sales, and are “in the black.” To top things off, you finally got that gadget thing you really wanted all year long. Basically, you’re sitting pretty. Then…your first chargeback of the new year rolls […]

Updated Cards: See Order and Location Data at a Glance

Looking to be more efficient in your 2017 fraud fighting? Good news – we’ve made some changes to two user details sections in the Sift Science console that should help you do just that. Say hello to the updated Orders card and Locations card!   The refreshed Orders card gives you even more history on each order, so you can do […]

Announcing the new Sift Science Java client

Do you use Java to build your applications? If so, we’ve got an early holiday treat for you – the new Sift Science Java client is here! The new Java client fully supports all current features, as well as any enhancements we’ll make to our products in the future. Whether you’re fighting payment fraud, fake […]

10 Things We Did in Wine Country (Instead of Drinking Wine) at Offsite 2016

Once a year, Sifties spend a few days together outside of San Francisco, in hopes of accomplishing the seven Rs: relax, recharge, reflect, revel, reset, realign, and reconnect. We take the opportunity to think about the past year and plan for the next one, in all-hands sessions and functional-time breakout groups. This year took us north to […]

New Visa Attack Hole Demands New Fraud Defenses

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog.  When security researchers recently published that multi-merchant attacks gave them unlimited attempts at guessing Visa card fields (but not Mastercard fields), it was a reminder of the inherent fragility of payment card security today. One way to successfully defend against such an attack is by […]