API outage incident report

On Thursday July 30, at 10:10 PM PST, the Sift Science API became unavailable. Service was fully restored at 11:37 PM and the backlog of data was clear by 1:10 AM on July 31st. As a result of this outage, events sent to the Sift API were rejected and we were unable to provide scores. We know that our users rely on Sift Science to be always available, and last night we did not live up to that expectation. We'd like to explain what happened during this outage, and what we're doing to prevent outages in the future.

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The Sass Mixins/Placeholders I Can't Live Without for Responsive Web Design

Here at Sift Science, we just completed another big step in our ongoing marketing site redesign, overhauling the homepage and replacing old landing pages with [prettier, responsive, and more performant ones][1]. While the big performance improvements aren't quite ready to showcase yet (check in soon for more on that), I realized that there are a few custom Sass mixins and placeholders that I rely on heavily for responsive development—I'm not actually sure what I'd do without them—and I thought I'd share them here along with some CodePens so that other people might also take advantage of them!

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Introducing Sift Science Formulas and Device Fingerprinting

It’s not easy fighting fraud when you have to juggle chargebacks, fake accounts, referral abuse, and countless other new and not-yet-named types of fraud. That’s why our team is always innovating and building new tools to make your job easier and to help your business stop fraud quickly and accurately.

Today, we’re excited to showcase Sift Science Formulas and Device Fingerprinting – our two newest innovations made just for you!

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