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Big Sales Events Shouldn’t Mean Relaxed Fraud Defenses

On July 13, Amazon declared that its second Prime Day was its “biggest day ever,” selling more than 90,000 TVs, “hundreds of thousands of Kindle e-readers,” 200,000 headphones and 215,000 pressure cookers. (As an aside, only Amazon could get away with making all of these claims without actually revealing any revenue stats at all.) No […]

Introducing Sift Science Workflows

We’re proud to announce Sift Science Workflows, a set of capabilities that enables you to build custom fraud processes with less code and cost than ever before. Integrations are now faster and you can more easily manage your business as you scale. There are three components to Sift Science Workflows: Workflows – Build and manage […]

Power Your Business Growth With Trust

There was a time when the description of “online fraud” was fairly straightforward (using a stolen credit card to make a purchase) as was the solution for stopping it (study the fraudulent behavior and set up business logic to prevent it from happening again). But new business models and rapidly changing technology mean fraud and […]

Findings From the First Fraud Fighters Forum

What happens when you bring together craft beers, tasty Thai bites, and excellent company? While this scene could be any hipster meetup, what set June 30 apart was the fact that food plus fraud folks makes for the first Fraud Fighters Forum event in San Francisco. The night was attended by 30 local fraud fighters […]

Is Mobile Authentication Really E-Commerce’s Best Shot?

As e-commerce businesses struggle with payment fraud—affectionately known in the payments world as CNP (card not present) fraud—strategies all come down to a single concept: authentication. With a physical CP (card present) transaction, there are plenty of easy ways to authenticate. In a virtual reality, that task becomes a lot more challenging. Image: Apple Unless the […]

Mobile Payments, EMV, and Fraud: A Chat with ETA’s Jason Oxman

If you’re a criminal looking to commit credit card fraud, the most popular way to successfully make that happen today is to create a counterfeit card and use it in an in-store purchase. Cha-ching. Free Stuff. “Counterfeit cards are still the number one form of card fraud in stores in the U.S. today,” explains Jason […]

To Cancel or Not to Cancel: Navigating Gray Areas in Fraud Review

As part of your regular fraud review, you’ve probably come across a number of gray area cases. You know the ones. Sometimes, it’s a user with an odd email address and questionable social media presence. Other times, it’s a high-value order going to an unfamiliar international address. And there are always those times that your […]