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Multi-Factor Authentication For E-Commerce Makes Sense—Or Does It?

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. Fraud prevention has always been about striking the right compromise between convenience and security – and this is especially true in the world of e-commerce. Although multi-factor authentication will work wonderfully in banking and legal—where the end-user is just as worried about security as your CISO—in […]

False Decline Costs Are Worse Than We Thought

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. Sometimes, research does little more than confirm what we already suspect – and that, in effect, forces us to confront an uncomfortable reality. Such is the case with new data about false declines. Fresh research from Business Insider puts the false decline problem front-and-center: “U.S. e-commerce merchants will […]

5 Common Targets for Fake Listings Scams

Last spring I was looking for an apartment online and landed on what sounded like the perfect place — a fully furnished condo in a Bay Area suburb that needed to be sublet as soon as possible. According to the post, there was an in-unit washer and dryer, gas stove, spacious living room, and fireplace. It was the […]

Fighting fraud is one thing. Catching fraudsters is quite another.

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. Fighting e-commerce fraudsters is a constantly changing game of point counter-point, where we develop defenses against today’s attacks and then the fraudsters craft new attacks to sidestep our defenses. Wash, rinse, repeat. We’ve actually gotten quite good at defending against the common attack types, while […]

“I’m waving the white-label payments flag”: Q&A with Ben Milne of Dwolla

Dwolla was created with the lofty mission to build the best way to move money. After laser-focusing on providing businesses with a modern access point to the ACH network, the company made great strides toward making that target a reality. Businesses are integrating Dwolla’s simple White Label ACH API, and seeing spectacular results and improvements over their antiquated payment […]

The Fraudsters Who Don’t Need To Hide

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. Online retailers know how fraudsters generally act: they conceal themselves behind bogus names and disposable IP addresses. Those HTML hoodlums are risking arrest by various levels of law enforcement, so they have to hide in the shadows. But what if that’s not always true? What if […]

How an Innovative Menswear Retailer Cut Chargebacks by 90%

Combatant Gentlemen (Combat Gent) is a design-to-delivery menswear company using technology to ultimately offer high-quality products and approachable, aspirational price points. Launched in 2012 with the mission of using technology to help guys get where they want and need to go, Combat Gent is growing fast. They just launched their first retail store in Santa Monica, and are gearing […]

Open Source: Kafka Partition Reassignment with Minimal Data Movement

We’re happy to announce that we’re open sourcing one component of our Kafka operations toolkit: an algorithm that computes a new partition assignment to brokers while obeying the following properties: Data movement is minimized Partitions for each topic are evenly distributed across brokers Multiple replicas for each partition never appear in the same rack (or […]

Birkenstock Surrenders to the Fraudsters

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. Fraud-fighting is ultimately an ROI equation. How much time and how many resources can you justify, and how much will this investment reduce your fraud? Given that it’s almost never cost-effectively possible to bring fraud down to zero, it’s a balancing act. But one […]