Planning for the Q4 Holiday Fraud Rush

You may have felt a chill in the air when September rolled around, but it wasn’t just the weather. For e-commerce businesses, the holiday madness is coming, and with it…the fraud rush. Sound familiar? I’ve totally been there, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned. In my 10+ years working on the fraud front […]

The 12 Stats of Christmas

Whether you’re a fraud analyst or a fraudster (which we hope you’re not!), this is the busiest time of year. It can be hard to wrap your head around the magnitude of holiday e-commerce – let alone the fraud. How much stuff are people buying on their computers and phones? And how many of those […]

[Podcast] The Great Holiday Fraud Prevention Roundtable

For fraud fighters, the winter holiday stress isn’t limited to buying gifts and entertaining in-laws. Last year, ecommerce fraud spiked by over 30% during the holidays, and it’s projected to get even worse this year. In this episode, we sit down with fraud fighters from Patreon, Wanelo, and Sift Science to get some life-saving tips […]

Get Ready for the Holiday Rush: A Toolkit for Sift Science Customers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for fraudsters! Last year, e-commerce fraud spiked by over 30% during the holidays. That means about 1 in every 97 transactions was fraudulent. And fraudsters are upping their game every year, even offering online courses for criminals looking to make a quick buck during the cooler months. Fortunately, […]

Don’t Let Holiday Fraud Checks Alienate Shoppers

Evan Schuman is a guest contributor to the Sift Science blog. With purchases soaring this time of year, it’s comforting to remember that the fraud rate doesn’t increase just because overall transactions rise. But there’s some other calculus to keep in mind: although the fraud rate doesn’t go up in December, shoppers’ verification tolerance plunges. In other words, […]

Holiday Fraud Prevention: 7 Tips From the Pros

Is anyone ever really ready for the holidays? It’s hard enough to keep up as a shopper, but if you also work in e-commerce fraud prevention, you know you’re guaranteed a crazy ride. To help you navigate the seasonal rush, we crowdsourced some expert strategies from fraud and risk experts who’ve already logged a few seasons in […]

Get Your E-Commerce Fraud Team Ready for the Holiday Rush

Santa has a leisurely 364 days to figure out who’s approved for gifts, but what about your business? You face the “naughty or nice?” question every single day – and during the holiday season, more orders and less time can create a perfect storm for fraud. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the busiest time of year: