[Podcast] The Great Holiday Fraud Prevention Roundtable

For fraud fighters, the winter holiday stress isn’t limited to buying gifts and entertaining in-laws. Last year, ecommerce fraud spiked by over 30% during the holidays, and it’s projected to get even worse this year. In this episode, we sit down with fraud fighters from Patreon, Wanelo, and Sift Science to get some life-saving tips […]

Trust & Safety from the Ground-Up: An Insider Look at Building Your Team

Congrats, you have the green light to build your Trust & Safety (T&S) team! It may have taken plenty of rationale building, a high chargeback rate, and a high profile case,  but now you’re ready to start building. Whether you are one-person operation and looking to expand by a couple more or a new manager […]

Holiday Fraud Prevention: 7 Tips From the Pros

Is anyone ever really ready for the holidays? It’s hard enough to keep up as a shopper, but if you also work in e-commerce fraud prevention, you know you’re guaranteed a crazy ride. To help you navigate the seasonal rush, we crowdsourced some expert strategies from fraud and risk experts who’ve already logged a few seasons in […]