A more powerful way to grow mobile revenue, without risk

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, capturing 65% of the market. That’s why so many businesses are focusing on delivering the best experience on Android – so they can derive as much revenue as possible from this key channel. Today we’re excited to unveil a more powerful version of our […]

New Batch Decisions: Block Fraud Rings With One Click

Do you use the network view in the Sift Science console as part of your fraud review process? Good news – now you can block multiple users or transactions right from that page…all in one click!    With the new Apply Decisions dropdown button, fraud teams can make batch decisions – in other words, you can block […]

Updated Cards: See Order and Location Data at a Glance

Looking to be more efficient in your 2017 fraud fighting? Good news – we’ve made some changes to two user details sections in the Sift Science console that should help you do just that. Say hello to the updated Orders card and Locations card!   The refreshed Orders card gives you even more history on each order, so you can do […]

Announcing the new Sift Science Java client

Do you use Java to build your applications? If so, we’ve got an early holiday treat for you – the new Sift Science Java client is here! The new Java client fully supports all current features, as well as any enhancements we’ll make to our products in the future. Whether you’re fighting payment fraud, fake […]

Stopping mobile fraud just got a whole lot easier

The mobile channel is a key and growing revenue-driver for so many online businesses – including dozens of mobile-first customers who already use Sift Science to give users a smooth checkout experience, without increasing risk. In fact, Gartner estimates that mobile commerce drives nearly 22% of digital commerce revenue, and will only expand. However, paralleled […]

Introducing New Content and Promo Abuse Cards

Earlier this year, we launched Content Abuse Prevention and Promo Abuse Prevention, two new products designed to help customers stop additional types of fraud and abuse. Today, we’re excited to announce that rich data about Content and Promo Abuse are now available in the Sift Science console in easy-to-use cards, so you can dive deeper into user details and quickly see […]

Evaluate Your Fraud Approach With the Sift Science Analyze Page

You may already be using Sift Science Workflows to optimize fraud review, but are you giving  your fraud practices a regular health check? As your business scales, you may be left pondering questions like, “Should I be blocking lower?” or “Can I review fewer users without affecting the bottom line?” A powerful way to manage your […]

How an Innovative Menswear Retailer Cut Chargebacks by 90%

Combatant Gentlemen (Combat Gent) is a design-to-delivery menswear company using technology to ultimately offer high-quality products and approachable, aspirational price points. Launched in 2012 with the mission of using technology to help guys get where they want and need to go, Combat Gent is growing fast. They just launched their first retail store in Santa Monica, and are gearing […]

How dbrand Cut Chargebacks By 95%

Being the best at what you do is both a blessing and a curse: business grows rapidly, but fraudsters also take notice. For Toronto-based dbrand – the foremost leader the custom electronics skin industry – malicious users on their e-commerce site lead to costly chargebacks and threatened the user experience for legitimate shoppers. Fraudsters wielding […]