Visa Chargeback Changes: What Merchants Need to Know

For years, card-not-present merchants have felt like the chargeback process is unfair, unclear and untimely. Visa has heard these complaints and criticisms loud and clear – and beginning April 15, 2018, they’ve made significant changes. The new program is called Visa Claims Resolution (VCR for short….not to be confused with the way we children of […]

The Many Faces of Content Abuse

The Power of User-Generated Content User-generated content (UGC) is the lifeblood of online marketplaces and communities. Businesses like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Airbnb, and Indeed are built around UGC. That means if they can’t entice people to contribute to their site, then they simply don’t have a business. And when a company’s future is in the […]

Sift Science at MRC Vegas 2018: What We Learned

Last week, fraud fighters from all over the world descended on Las Vegas to do what we do best … fight fraud! The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) annual conference was held March 19-22 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. With over 1,500 attendees representing 500 companies from 30+ countries, it was a truly impressive […]

[New ebook] Measuring the true cost of e-commerce fraud

Battling e-commerce fraud involves a balancing act. You want to minimize fraudulent transactions, maximize legitimate ones, and make the quickest and most cost-effective decisions. How are online businesses measuring up? We teamed up with Aberdeen Research to find out. Aberdeen’s findings show that merchants are generally doing a good job at minimizing chargebacks. The much […]