[Podcast] How-To: Building a Trust & Safety Team Pt 2

Check out part 2 of our “Building a Trust & Safety Team” podcast! So, you’ve decided you need a trust & safety team. What’s the next step? Getting buy-in. But that’s easier said than done. When it comes time for you to assemble your team, how do you convince product managers to invest the resources […]

Using Your Fraud Tool to Fight Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

Friendly fraud chargebacks – when legitimate transactions are disputed by the cardholder – are among the biggest pain points for online businesses. However, friendly fraud chargebacks are easier to win than most companies realize! And one of the best resources to help recover funds from these chargebacks is by using data provided by your fraud […]

How-To: Building a Trust & Safety Team – A New Podcast Episode

Building a fraud fighting team is enough to make any business owner, C-level executive, or fraud analyst break out in a cold sweat. It’s also one of the most important steps a business can take to reduce risk. Your trust and safety team protects your bottom line by reducing fraud and retaining loyal customers. In […]

Blocked!: A True Story of False Positives

We often talk about false positives in terms of cost, but what exactly is that cost? This story showcases the hidden price you pay by blocking good users. Like most people, I’m constantly engaging with the online world. I buy products and leave restaurant reviews on my computer at home, but I also browse sites, make […]

Fraud-Fighting with the FBI: A New Podcast Episode

When businesses suffer account takeover (ATO), who picks up the pieces? In many cases, the cybersecurity branch of the FBI is the first to arrive on the front lines. And over the years, the FBI has had an unparalleled on-the-ground view of how fraud has evolved. In this episode of Trust & Safety in Numbers, […]

Take the Fraud News Challenge! 7/18/17

In the world of online fraud, news moves quickly. Have you been staying on top of it? Time to test your knowledge! See if you can fill in the blanks below. When you’re done, check your answers. No cheating! Fill in the Blanks 1. Aetna has launched a new security system for mobile and web […]

Net Neutrality Has a Fraud Problem

Remember a time when we could go a day without reading the words “fake news?” Since the election, people have been questioning the authenticity of all kinds of online content, everything from news articles to Facebook comments. Now, a hot-button issue has gotten caught in the fake news crosshairs: net neutrality. Net Neutrality: The Latest […]

3 Surprising Findings from Our New Podcast

Sift Science is excited to announce that we’ve launched a podcast, Trust & Safety in Numbers! On Trust & Safety in Numbers, our host, Evan (that’s me!), and our trust and safety guru, Kevin Lee, will chat with people on all sides of the online fraud fight: fraud analysts, FBI agents, security consultants, former hackers, rogue cyborgs (okay, […]

3 Key Takeaways from the FBI Internet Crime Report

Every year, the FBI receives reports of internet-facilitated criminal activity through their Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The FBI distills the information from these complaints into the annual FBI Internet Crime Report (ICR). But if you’re not a federal agent or a victim of cybercrime, should you care about the ICR? The short answer: yes! […]