Take the fraud news challenge! 6/19/17

Are you staying on top of the online fraud and abuse headlines? It’s time to test your knowledge! Fill in the blanks below. No cheating! And don’t forget to check your answers when you’re done. Fill in the blanks! 1. A new study from Mastercard and Oxford University suggests that 93 percent of consumers (and […]

The New Fraud Frontier: Using Mobile Data to Fight Fraud

Mobile: The New Fraud Frontier Legends tell of a time when we weren’t glued to our smartphones…but that was long, long ago. Now, 98% of American Millennials own a mobile device. These devices aren’t just for making phone calls anymore; phones are vital to the way we do business, navigate the world, and create our […]

News Roundup 6/12: Test your knowledge of last week’s fraud headlines!

Have you been paying attention to the fraud and abuse headlines? Time to test your knowledge! See if you can fill in the blanks below. Don’t forget to check your answers when you’re done. Fill in the blanks! 1. A recent Payments Canada survey suggests that half of Canadians are ready to give up ____. […]

Trust & Safety Sift EDU: Chapter 1 – Why have a trust & safety team?

Why have a trust & safety team? When speaking with companies, I often get asked about what it means to have a “trust and safety” team. How does that differ from a fraud team?  Should I have a trust and safety team? How do I get buy-in to build this kind of team? These questions […]

Quiz: What kind of fraud analyst are you?

As a fraud analyst, you have your share of ups and downs: bad users who slip through the cracks, the thrill of uncovering account takeover, the holiday rush. But how do you deal with these trials and tribulations? Are you more likely to panic, or to plan? To fold under pressure, or to thrive? What […]

News Roundup 6/5: A job opening at the DNC, and much more

Chipotle suffers a massive data breach It’s a sad week for burrito affectionados. A blog post last week revealed the extent of a massive data breach that hit Chipotle in April. How massive? Spokesman Chris Arnold said that “most, but not all restaurants” were impacted. Hackers were able to capture information stored on credit cards’ […]

4 Surprising Lessons from Former Cybercriminals

They say that crime doesn’t pay, and that’s often true – but some former hackers have enjoyed lucrative afterlives as security consultants, once they’ve finished their jail time. Others have drawn on their experiences to write novels. Many end up authoring nonfiction for consumers and business owners looking to protect themselves from…well, people like the […]

News Roundup 5/22: Eddie’s stolen password database, the perfect Twizzler, and new malware

“Eddie’s” stolen password database discovered Fraudsters often rely on databases of stolen data to carry out their schemes, buying and selling emails and passwords over the dark web. Security researchers recently found one of these databases…and it’s huge. This particular database contains 560 million stolen passwords and emails. Some of the information was collected from site […]

New Forrester Report: Mitigating Threats Beyond Payment Fraud

We’re all competing in the new digital economy. Customers’ expectations are higher than ever. Businesses are under more pressure to deliver a fast, simple, and safe experience. And fraudsters are diversifying their tactics, looking for inventive new ways to cash out. How can businesses be prepared? Sift Science commissioned Forrester Consulting to find out more […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Mobile Fraud

More people are using their phones to buy, sell, and browse than ever before. The number of mobile devices in the world is increasing five times faster than the human population, which is good news for m-commerce companies – but also for fraudsters. Although mobile transactions account for less than a third of total purchases, […]