Our customers tell us that boosting efficiency is always top of mind for their teams. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about some updates to how your team can take advantage of Sift Science Decisions to hone your processes, save time, and work better together.

How Sift Science Decisions make your team more efficient

Decisions let you connect Sift Science to the business actions your team takes every day. These are completely customizable, allowing you to create as many as needed for your fraud processes, from blocking an individual order to banning a user account. Once you’ve set up Decisions, you can take action on users and orders with a click of the button in the Console. We use the Decisions you apply to understand your unique fraud patterns and continuously improve the accuracy of your Sift Scores.

Decision Sources: More insight into how your team is managing fraud

With Decision Sources, you’ve got access to even more data to help you understand and improve how you manage fraud. Now you can see the history of each Decision at a glance within the Sift Science console – including who made each Decision (analyst or automated system), when they made it, and why. Dive into the details to get insight into how your analysts or Workflows are performing, and how they can be adjusted.


Want to see all users who’ve had a particular Decision applied to them? Use our updated Explore search to find users based on latest Decision, or Decision Source. For example, use Explore to find all users who’ve been banned during manual review.



Decisions Webhook and Decisions API: Efficiently manage fraud in one place

Fraud teams shouldn’t have to waste time switching between multiple interfaces just to get their job done. We’ve got two features that will help you simplify your fraud management process, free up analysts’ time for more important tasks, and bid hassle goodbye.

First, Decisions Webhooks ensure your internal systems are up-to-date with any actions you take within the Sift Science Console or via Workflows. Whenever an analyst applies a Decision manually or a Workflow evaluates and applies and automatic Decision, we send a request to your system to tell it what happened. That way, the two systems can stay in sync! No more switching back-and-forth.

Second, the Sift Science Decisions API gives you the flexibility to automate, review, and make Decisions using your existing internal systems – while also seamlessly communicating those actions to Sift Science. So, if you ban someone on your side, send the Decision to Sift Science so that we can record it on our end. That means you’ll get a more accurate Sift Score and more context for analysts and managers.

We’ve very excited to help fraud teams boost their efficiency with these features. If you want to learn more, check out our Deep Dive into Automation webinar on August 3rd. Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to email support@siftscience.com, and we’ll be happy to help.

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Swaroop Sham

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