Business is booming for SEOClerks – an online marketplace for search engine optimization and web-related services – and that means that buyers and sellers from around the world are using the platform to connect and do commerce. Unfortunately, a growing number of transactions is a siren call for fraudsters, who are never far from agile, young companies. In order to move as quickly as their customers do, SEOClerks needed a fast fraud-fighting solution.


Effective fraud-fighting makes for a overall better marketplace experience, for both business owners and shoppers. Since using Sift Science, SEOClerks’ manual review rate has dropped by a whopping 70%. They’ve saved countless dollars from chargebacks, and countless hours of analyst time. More importantly, however, they’ve allowed customers to use their site with confidence. Now SEOClerks can trust their legitimate customers without reservation, focusing their energies on more important matters.

To read about SEOClerks’ experience with machine learning and automating their fraud management processes, check out the case study.

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