Click-click-click-“doh!” It’s 7:23 pm at the office. During the day, this clacking can only be the repetition of fingers on keyboards. At night, however, the sound of coding mixes with the pop of a ping pong ball on paddles and the clatter of Super Smash Brothers controllers.

While Sift Science is lucky enough to have interns (Sifterns) in our office year-round, summer is our season for the highest intern-to-full-timer ratio. It’s our favorite time of year.

We love our interns, not only because we focus on hiring amazing talent, but because we realize that they are integral members of our company.  We’re a tightly knit group, and our interns and recent graduates are the most vibrant members of our awesome, brilliant, ridiculous, and all-around incredible family. Getting the right ones is only half the battle; keeping them engaged is how we cultivate lasting memories and invaluable experiences. Here are a few of the ways that Sift Science invests in our Sifterns:

Interesting Challenges

Our interns and new grads work on projects that have real, immediate, and measurable impact. Sifterns are crazy-smart; we trust their intelligence and empower them to design unique solutions to our business challenges. They are trusted stakeholders and team members. Our work is ever-changing; the fresh perspectives that our interns bring provide a springboard from which to continually better our product for our customers. Their projects never lay dormant and are always visible, valuable, and awesome. In the words of one of our amazing summer interns:

Intern-centric Things

As our CEO says, “Sift Science is powered by interns. We even have a t-shirt that proves it.” Truly celebrating the intern experience and showing how much we value these amazing, hardworking, and hungry young people is key to building long term brand evangelists. We encourage our interns to plan, execute, and attend events, and our investors are abundantly supportive of their portfolio company interns. Continually providing our Sifterns and new grads with memorable, meaningful experiences not only ensures an excellent summer, but also helps to convert the best interns into future full-timers.

An Excellent Culture

Around the office, it’s no secret that we love our Sifterns. Our CEO and CTO are committed to a culture of mentorship, transparency, and collaboration. The leadership team sits in the trenches, immersed in the bull-pen with everyone else. Interns have mentors and go-to full-timers, and the CEO and CTO  truly crave feedback from our young people. Eating  lunch together as a team every day and biweekly games nights build the lasting relationships that connect Sifties beyond work, beyond school, extending into the realm of genuine friendship. We strive to build a generous, supportive, endearingly-dysfunctional, all-around real family, and our interns buy into that philosophy.

In the end, it’s all about finding the right chemistry (we’re Sift Science — get it?). Interns are indispensable to our family of Fraud Fighters. Catching and keeping the best ones comes when we give them ownership and value their drive. Offer your young people depth of experience, breadth of projects, and lots of laughs, and the odds will ever be in your favor.

What inspires your interns? What do they love about your culture?

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